What our work may entail

To start the journey, it is likely that you’ll be invited to check out some online material on some basic concepts around our journey together. This will include concepts like confidentiality, what coaching is and isn’t and how we deal with needs that fall outside of the scope of coaching; coaching readiness; the roles we take in the coaching relationship; your outcomes and goals; possible tools to consider in shaping your coaching outcomes and so on.

Before we jump into the work, we will have a session to connect on what you need from the journey, talk to some of these concepts, align on expectations and administrative necessities, and discuss next steps. This is called a chemistry session in coaching industry.

If you are undertaking individual coaching within an organisation, or if you are sponsored by someone (who is paying for your journey), there may be some more details around agreeing outcomes and what feedback may look like between you and your sponsor.

Once these details for your respective journey are agreed and clarified, we can decide together how we may continue.

Coaching Success
Free Chemistry Session
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You bring the content, I hold the process

During the journey, for each session, you bring the outcome or problem you want to address in the session, and as coach, I ensure that I understand your needs, and agree with you on how we might go about sense-making together around this topic. Based on what is in front of us, there are a number of approaches, tools or avenues we might explore – each person and conversation is different and the coach will always check with you on how to proceed.

Then what?

You will identify your insights, learnings, realisations and actions to take forward and we will design specific agreements on what you take forward into the space between your current session and your next session. Acting on these intentions is your responsibility. In the next session, we work with what unfolded for you and build on that with your next outcome or challenge.