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Welcome to a Coaching Partnership that supports your inward journey towards excellence of being


Learn more about what coaching is and how it supports your personal development and change journey.

Who is Will?

Learn more about your coach, Will; from purpose, passion, learning and the work he believes he is here to do in the world.

The Types of Coaching

Learn more about the types of coaching and how each supports your journey toward excellence of being. Each type of coaching has a unique set of attributes to support personal development and organisational transitions.

Value Add to Your Journey

Learn more about the GERMINATE™ Coaching Model. This model supports all coaching journeys and forms the basis of continued coaching development, agile coaching, organisational transitions and leadership development.

There is significant research that connects the effects of mindful practice and coaching to successful outcomes for clients. Learn more about our approach to sound-based mindfulness practice and how it can support your personal development.

Coaching readiness is a state of self-awareness and a responsibility held in the coaching relationship by you and your coach. Learn more about how you might decide whether coaching is for you right now.

Agile Coaching is a powerful approach to supporting leaders and teams in organisations. Combining professional coaching practices, facilitation, training, mentorship, Lean and Agile Mindset & Practices as well as specialisation in Business and Transformation; learn more about what is possible here.

Resources for you to explore

Learn more about Themed Group Coaching Programs to support your leadership development

"A person with an experience is never at the mercy of someone with an argument"

In these times of uncertainty, challenge and change, we need people who can live from a place of authenticity, while belonging to communities, families, teams and organisations where diversity thrives. We need people who can stand in the truth of others, while holding their own deeply, yet lightly, and who can effectively lead, communicate and nurture fruitful ways forward while retaining healthy systemic relationships.

If you are here, seeking a partnership that can support your systemic growth with authenticity, then let's chat through what this means for you, and how I can support you to better show up as leader, friend, family member, community member, team member - as yourself, for yourself!