5 LENS Enneagram Certified Practitioner Block

What is the Enneagram?

According to Collin Adam from EnneaInternational,

The word “ennea” is a Greek word meaning the number “nine”. The word “gram” derives from the Greek word “grámma” and indicates “that which is written” or “that which is drawn” and it appears in words such as “diagram” and “anagram”. So the word Enneagram implies a “picture of nine”. The “nine” refers to nine personality styles and their related behavioral patterns. It’s worth bearing in mind that none of the nine styles is better or worse than any other. All can function exceptionally well and positively when they are operating at their best (on a good day!). Equally, all can be damaging and destructive when operating at their worst (on a bad day!).

The Enneagram touches on something that is fundamental to the human condition. Evidence of this is that people from many different cultural, national, and ethnic origins, and from a wide variety of spiritual and philosophical traditions, can recognize themselves somewhere in the nine characteristic styles described in this model.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool to create awareness during an Individual Coaching Journey, because it gives in-depth insight into possibilities that root our behaviors. Unlike personality assessments, the Enneagram looks at our developmental journey and how we chose our various strengths. The 5 Lens Enneagram Personal Feedback Report provides a focus on this process by highlighting what we tend to avoid in our lives. These avoidances, in turn, allow us to develop areas of strengths – much like tying one’s left hand behind one’s back would strengthen the power and dexterity of one’s right hand.

In Coaching we often ask, “So What?” because unless awareness comes with the opportunity for generating possibilites and action, it is meaningless. The 5 Lens Enneagram Personal Feedback Report takes several steps further to support your personal development.

What is the 5 Lens Enneagram Personal Feedback Report?

In the FIVE LENS Personal Feedback Report the Enneagram has been integrated with FOUR additional “LENSES” – Personal Mastery, Emotional Resilience (linked to stress), Social Drives (basic motivations), & Energy Centres (three intelligences) – an exceptional springboard into personal development.

We do not believe in limiting or categorizing people but rather looking at how the individual can work from existing strengths to further their growth. Each person’s report is carefully debriefed in a safe and confidential space to facilitate insights and learning.

Why is this important to your journey?

Each individual has embarked on the discovery of the world in different ways, but in ways that potentially share patterns of beliefs and ideas.
By avoiding what is unpleasant, we develop mechanisms to “BE” in the world that shape how we see and interact with it. In doing so, we also develop specific mindsets that evolve to strengths, tools, and skills that uniquely position us to show up in the world.
For a journey of self-discovery, one needs a starting point that equips and empowers with useful and accurate information.

By creating in-depth awareness of one’s existing orientation to the FIVE LENS, an individual is better equipped to make decisions on what to work on, and how to embark on their next personal development path.
This is a powerful tool that supports understanding of how development, integration, and behaviors show up so that the individual can act with self-determination and even a sense of understanding and patience with themselves and others.

If you want to explore more with your

5 LENS Enneagram Personal Feedback Report

What is the outcome?

  • Deep personal insight.
  • Increased personal & interpersonal awareness.
  • Clarity on strengths & areas for growth.
  • Personal development tools to work with.
  • Tools to enhance personal or leadership development programs, coaching, counseling, and mentoring.

For whom?

The FIVE LENS Personal Feedback Report empowers the individual with the tools to build resilience, personal mastery and contribute more powerfully as leaders, parents, students, employees, and members of a team or community. It is an online assessment, which is followed by a 49-page personalized report and online / face-to-face debrief. There is also further potential for team workshops and debriefs for organizations for individual coaching conversations on selected topics.